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CPAP Titration with compliance and therapy management

CPAP Titration with compliance and therapy management

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A CPAP titration study is an overnight sleep study used to properly set continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. CPAP is a common treatment used to manage sleep-related breathing disorders including sleep apnea, hypoventilation, and hypoxemia.

CPAP titration is delivered using a mask or small plastic inserts that fit in the nose. Several types and sizes of masks are available. During a CPAP titration study, the air pressure delivered through the mask or nasal inserts will be increased gradually until breathing and sleep become normal.

Once a patient has been diagnosed and begins CPAP therapy, follow up and aftercare should include routine titrations. It is common for patients to need pressure changes during their years of CPAP therapy. Each treating physician may have his own protocol and require a titration every year or two.

This process may take up to 30 minutes. Sensors will be applied to your legs, face and scalp and flexible belts will be placed around your chest and abdomen in to get an accurate assessment of your respiratory effort.

Home-based automated CPAP titration is as effective as automatic in-laboratory titrations in initiating treatment for OSAHS.

Our board certified sleep physician will overlook and provide direction during the titration process to ensure your apnea is corrected properly. 


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